Wedding Favors…that won’t get thrown away

Bon Jour, 

A few wedding favor ideas below to invest in, that guests will hang on to after the big day has ended!


Who doesn’t love a good candle? Especially soy candles which are all natural, and they burn 50% longer than paraffin candles!


Well, since this is an every-day necessity, we say “Why not?” There are some yummy smelling flavors out on the market right now that your guest will eat right up. Well, not literally, but you know what we mean.

Book of Recipes

Your best friends love your Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies…what a great way to share the family’s favorites with all of your guests!


Cute decor to take home and use on an every day basis, that will remind each guest each time they use them how much fun they had on your big day!

A Donation

There is nothing sweeter than philanthropy. Giving away to those in need is a great way to give back to the community and to make the day more than just about the two of you!


These darling little plants are perfect for window ledges, shelves, heck, why not keep one in the cup holder of your car! They are easy to take care of and require little maintenance. Easier than keeping a gold fish alive, that’s for sure!

Unique Bottle Openers

A snazzy little take away-what a classy way to open your beer, with a vintage key such as this!

Seed Packets

Perfect for spring-time weddings, for those with a green thumb who have a knack for growing beautiful things!


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