Don't Let It Rain on Your Parade!

I know it’s cold outside now, but  are you spending these cold winter months planning an outdoor summer wedding? Make sure you are prepared for the elements! Rain does  happen and don’t let it ruin your special day – assume it will happen to you and be prepared.

I attended a wedding last summer that was planned for outside. The scene was gorgeous –  on top of a mountain, at sunset, deer in the fields, beautiful views. What happened? A huge rainstorm rolled in with no alternative plans for the event.

Here are some ways to prepare for weather:

Tent Option: If you’re planning for an outside ceremony, prepare for rain with a backup tent. You can never predict the weather or temperature, so having a tent as an option is always a good one. I’m not talking about a three ring circus tent, but classy options are available that won’t cost a fortune. The subject of tents for an entire event is a whole other issue that I’ll tackle another day.





Indoor Alternative Space: If you’re not having your wedding in a field, there is probably an indoor space nearby you can reserve as a backup. If you are looking forward to outdoor scenery, you can make sure to have your florist provide you with shrubbery to make the indoor space look more like your initial vision.






Big Umbrellas: This may sound ridiculous, but can add a bit of  humor and  fun to a literally rainy day. Have some giant umbrellas on reserve that you can quickly assemble for inclement weather. However, this will not help in a thunderstorm in the middle of a field – think safety first!