Hairstyles for the long, the short, and the inbetweeners

Well hello there, 

Maybe you’re a bridesmaid, flower girl, or the bride herself, desperately looking for the perfect hairstyle for that special day.

The good news is, we’ve got you covered with a few ideas below.

Keep in mind the weather/time of year when looking for just the right “do,” if it is a hot summer day, you’ll want your hair up and most likely out of the way. For fall, and cooler temps, girl, let your hair down!

For the long-haired ladies…

You’ve got A LOT of hair, or your rocking some beauteous extensions, either way, see below for some inspiration!



For the “inbetweeners”…

The mid-length styles, who have the ideal situation to wear their hair in a full up-do, or completely down with some beachy waves.


For the short-haired Cuties…

Short hair is still sexy too! Just a few ideas for the cuties with the shorter styles with a whole-lotta sass!



All for now…


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