Fancy Feet – Not Necessarily in Heels

Shoes are important, and every woman knows that heels are not the most comfortable footwear. On your wedding day, you want to be free of aching feet! We searched far and wide to find some comfortable alternative shoe options if you don’t want to wear heels on your special day.





Starting with a more delicate look, how about these hand knit flats? The wrap around ribbon adds sexy detail to these comfortable, stylish flats  which are perfect for a bride who plans to dance all night.






Even Tom’s has developed an elegant line of footwear options.




From their classic flat in flashy metallic hues of baby pink and cool ivory, to their feminine lace model, Tom’s will offer comfort, style and a pair of shoes to a kid in need each time you purchase a pair. These also make terrific shoes for bridesmaids!

 Converse allows you to design your own shoe to totally customize your footwear. I’ve seen this done for whole bridal parties, groom and his men included, and these sneaks can add a fun, playful touch to a wedding!


Photo: Jerry Yoon Photography (

Check out their website and design your own

 There are many other styles to choose from – and many DIY projects on how to glitter and bedazzle any shoe – but that’s for another post. For now, happy Friday and happy feet!